Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our NLP programs help people to tackle real-world challenges and
understand their inside voices.

Unlock a high quality future by investing in yourself. With Mind Peak Performance you are building a future leader, and take your business model into the public with confidence. With Neuro-Linguistic Programming, you are cultivating an office environment that produces active listeners, empathetic team members, and leaders who do not shy away from failure. Our NLP training will help tailor your employees to provide creative and unique solutions for your clients.

Key Takeaways

Our NLP training is primarily hands-on learning. People will have a chance to put what they have learned into action instantly by participating in peer coaching. Signing up for our two day NLP Introduction will teach you the following:
- Body Language Cues And Clues
- Controlling Conflict
- Confidence To Lead Discussions
- Storytelling For Successful Business
- Empathy As A Superpower
- Framework: Making A Problem Into A Solution

At the end of NLP training, participants graduate with the NLP certification.

The Learning Pyramid

For all NLP Training, we implement The Learning Pyramid to diversify and allow each student to connect with the material to the best of their abilities. Founded in the 1960s by the national training laboratory, it examines the best way students retain information. If you limit students learning to audible or visual tools they will only retain 20% of the material. With NLP training, it is mandatory to have kinesthetic modules with a proven retaining rate of over 75%