Self-Motivating & Motivational To Others

Short term: 2-5 days
Long term: 3-6 months to 1 year

Leadership training shouldn’t end when participants finish their coursework. Integrated coaching and leadership training ensures that valuable lessons learned will be remembered, applied, and internalized. As a leader, it’s important to recognize the potential you can nurture in others. Through this training, it’s time to invest and empower your team members with the skills of self-awareness, learning agility, and communication. With a series of offerings, each Mind Peak Performance Leadership module returns your employees as accelerated and renewed team players.

Key Takeaways

Available online or in-person our leadership training will span the Leadership Program. Each day is dedicated to overcoming physical and mental obstacles that your employees recognize. They will look within their own potential and banish the roadblocks that prohibit them from moving ahead. After completing the course participants will have the following knowledge:
- Heightened Self-Awareness
- Immersive Learning Agility
- Eagerness For Challenges
- Communication Designed For Impact
- Self-Motivating & Motivational To Others

Course Structure- How To Motivate Others

Your business can only go as far as the people powering your vision. Ensuring you have a team dedicated to reaching new levels of success and feeling confident to speak out when they reach this next stage is a responsibility of every manager. Your team and employees will learn the following with our leadership modules:
- How to teach others through learning by participation
- The ability to lead by example
- How to actively listen and deliver peer-based feedback
- Further perspective and understanding of exemplary leadership with guest speakers and 1:1 coaching
- A unique sense of their own strengths and weaknesses and how to mobilize both for results.

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