Training Overview

The Peak Performance Mindset resonates and reaches its full potential when all members are included. Our corporate training makes each person on your team feel their worth and appreciate the various aspects of what their colleagues bring to the table. Corporate Training is appropriate for teams of all sizes. The unique aspect of our corporate modules is the ability to pause and reflect in-between. Training programs allow for time where participants are putting their new knowledge into action.

Key Takeaways

When you enroll your team in Corporate Training Course, it becomes a double returns. Instead of just telling your team that you believe in their capabilities you prove it with a time investment. The work and results from our training programs will ripple through your business for years to come.

After completing Corporate Training Course, your team will be fluent in the following:
- Communication
Clear, concise and simple interpersonal communication, with the ability to communicate across various platforms and audiences.
- Conflict Management
Instead of letting a conflict simmer and fester in your team, learn how to approach the issue and find a resolution that kick-starts motivation and empowerment.
- Team Building
Build trust and a future foundation by investing in your team and their success.
- Emotional Intelligence
Understanding how to actively listen and what is being projected or missed

Course Structure

With varying degrees of programs available, the structure of your training will be specifically designed after a 1:1 consultation. Each team is different and has distinctive qualities.

Corporate Training includes the following:
- Focus On Communication
Teaching each member of your team how to “read the room” and what is appropriate per situation and circumstance.
When your team is together, learn how to feel a healthy connection and watch your results soar
Recognizing each other as equals and how power can be used to help the group instead of the person.
- Improve Core Presentation Skills
Identify speaking opportunities and struggles or strengths
Learn how to command a space and lead with empathy
Improve confidence around public speaking

Our Corporate Training offers this and so much more! Book a consultation with us today and discover the potential hiding within each employee.

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